How to Know that You are Dealing with the Legitimate


Malabanan has been synonymous with siphoning services, spanning for almost three decades of exceptional performance in NCR and the rest of the Greater Manila area (inc. Rizal, etc.).
While Malabanan Plumbing and Excavation Services is sustained and driven by the continued support of its clients, regrettably, competition has tapped into Malabanan’s trade name. A piracy in its context, fraudulent companies have boldly attached the “Malabanan” in downgrade services which unfortunately remain uncontrolled by the advancing social media ecosphere.

Be Forewarned:

  • You'll find websites, Facebook pages, and even in Google maps posing as a Malabanan company especially for services on siphoning or "pasipsip".
  • We don't advertise our service through flyers or banners that are distributed or vandalized on public property.
  • We always use our official company name "Malabanan" on all of our receipts and other documents.
Whenever availing of a service or product, it always pays to have a healthy sense of suspicion especially if initial transactions are done via online, mobile, or landline. Though unlike spotting an authentic Louis Vuitton bag where it’s worth inspecting the product at hand, checking a servicing company’s authenticity will need a little digging on the background, and taking on hints that give away the fraudulent company.
First off, get to know more about Belen A Malabanan

Get to Know Us:

  • Founder. In the forefront of Malabanan's continued excellent service is Miss Luzviminda Belen nee Malabanan, whose grandfather, Melencio Malabanan is the founding figure that started it all. A native of Batangas, Miss Belen moved to Pasig and currently oversees the day-to-day ongoings of the company. Rooted and well-grounded, Miss Belen continues to carry the name of Malabanan, which is known for its quality plumbing services.
  • Our Headquarters. Malabanan’s headquarters is at:

    24B Medina Street,
    Armel VI Subdivision
    Lucia Pasig
    Metro Manila 1608 PH

  • Official Website. Setting up a website nowadays is almost a no-brainer and with ready-made websites, you can set up a legit-looking company website in just a few hours if not in a day. Belen A Malabanan Excavation and Plumbing Services have only one official website: Aside from the services, the official websites have a list of the branches in the country with their corresponding contact info.
To further check Belen A Malabanan Plumbing and Excavation Services website legitimacy is that the web page has a Private Policy, Terms of Use, About Us, and Contact Details. We only collect necessary information from our website and visitors can always check our Privacy Policy accessed through our website.

12 Things to Spot the Not:

  • 1.
    Posters or Banners. The authentic Malabanan company will never place banners or posters on electric posts, walls or any public area as it is illegal to vandalize public and government property. Also, as a reputable company, we see it as not a healthy marketing strategy as we usually campaign through our official websites instead of loitering the company name unnecessarily on the streets.
  • 2.
    Inconsistent Company Name. There are plumbing services that use the Malabanan name on the onset especially on social media pages, brochures or banners but then uses a different name on receipts. These are fraudulent plumbing services as Malabanan uses only its name on all its transactions. Be mindful and always ask for BIR, DTI and other legal documents before dealing with a company when in doubt.
  • 3.
    Unreasonable Pricing. A fraudulent company would entice clients with unbelievably low prices or significantly higher service charges. To get a ballpark figure on the pricing it is best to get at least 3 quotations from reliable plumbing and excavating companies. Overcharging is also a problem with fake Malabanan companies so make sure to do your research first before doing business.
  • 4.
    Hidden Charges. After the site inspection and getting the client’s requirements, Malabanan provides price quotations without any hidden charges. For fraudulent companies, they would charge extra fees during or even after the delivery of service.
  • 5.
    Limited Services. You know you are dealing with a legit company when it offers comprehensive plumbing services. From construction of septic tanks down to draining mud and wastewater, Malabanan is experienced, certified, and well-equipped in providing complete service. A plumbing company posing as Malabanan Services would likely have only one or two services.

    Comprehensive Services Include:

    1. Construction of septic tanks
    2. Repair plumbing issues
    3. Preventive Maintenance
    4. Cleaning (disposable garbage truck)
    5. Siphoning
    6. Installation of water or cement pipes
  • 6.
    Inconsistent Responses. Initially, clients can contact us via our mobile, landline, email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or by walk-in clients at our branches nationwide. A siphoning company posing as Malabanan will likely provide conflicting responses or are always unavailable to answer your queries. With over 28 years Malabanan has a structured system and is always well-versed with the plumbing and excavation trade.
  • 7.
    No Company Portfolio. Along with price quotations, first-time clients should ask for a company portfolio. Belen A. Malabanan Plumbing and Excavations has a comprehensive portfolio that showcases past projects, equipment, available trucks, and other documents that show a proven track record.
  • 8.
    Lacking Legal Documents. Aside from a portfolio, the best way to check the legitimacy of a company is to ask for permits. Belen A Malabanan Plumbing and Excavation Services are complete with all the necessary documents which include DTI permit, business permit, DENR permit, Sanitary permit, and BIR registration. Clients can either ask for Malabanan's company portfolio in print or thru email.
  • 9.
    Lacking an Online Presence. Most fake Malabanan services tend to have a single page. Belen A Malabanan Plumbing and Excavation Services have an official website, Facebook account, Twitter, Youtube channel, and Instagram. You can check and compare the contact numbers and address indicated to confirm legitimacy. Malabanan Services' main branch is located in Pasig city with a customer service number of 0920 908 6869. Check Malabanan's official website to confirm contact details for other branches.
  • 10.
    Check for the Logo. Aside from our red brand color, our official logo should be placed on the main header of documents, business cards, or online posts.
  • 11.
    Employees in Incomplete PPE. Safety is always first. You'll know you're dealing with a fraudulent Malabanan company if our employees lack PPE or Personal Protective Equipment such as safety shoes or boots, gloves, and mask. For heavy construction sites, we always require our employees to wear a safety helmet on site.
  • 12.
    12. Inadequate Equipment. One sign that you hired a legitimate Malabanan service is that are the equipped. Belen A Malabanan Plumbing and Excavation Services has a good number of trucks with different litter capacities to ensure that we get good coverage around the metro. Complete tools and the use of the latest equipment is also essential as new and advanced equipment means faster and quality service.